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Joe McCarty jmccarty at
Tue Dec 21 01:53:39 UTC 2004

I have installed RANCID on a Fedora Core 2 box.  RANCID can log into my  
devices, get the configs, increment versions, and email diffs.

CVSWeb, however, reports while trying to load the  
/home/rancid/var/rancid/CVS repository, "Error: No valid CVS roots  
found!."  log/httpd/error_log states, "Root '/home/rancid/var/rancid/CVS'  
defined in @CVSrepositories is not a directory."

I tried "cvs status -d /home/rancid/var/rancid/CVS group/device_name," and  
I'm informed that the device isn't defined.

The CVS directories have been set up by rancid-cvs exclusively, per FAQ  
and INSTALL instructions.

Ideas appreciated.

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