Rancid and Netscalers

Andy Litzinger alitzinger at visto.com
Thu Dec 30 22:24:20 UTC 2004

 I'm having trouble using the netscaler code for rancid.  Has anyone had any success with it, especially with some of the newer nescaler code?  I have my .cloginrc line set up similar to:

add user netscaler.foo.com	nsroot
#note that I only supplied a vty password because netscaler is FreeBSD based and does not use enable
add password netscaler.foo.com 	password
add method netscaler.foo.com	ssh


When I test with nslogin netscaler.foo.com it connects to the netscaler and logs in(you get the login message and prompt >), but then you can't enter any commands and eventually the expect script times out and disconnects.  I'm not sure what the expect script is trying to do at this point.

I believe some of the netscaler commands may have changed in recent versions and I'm not sure when the nslogin/nsrancid scripts were last tested.  FYI I am running NS5.2 Build 50.17.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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