Riverstone Login problem

Michael C Siy msiy at condor.depaul.edu
Mon Jun 14 20:36:08 UTC 2004


\n will force a carriage a return for clogin. For example,

clogin -c '\n; show version' switch

will do a return on a Cisco gear before doing the show version command.
Try that.

Mikee Siy
Networks and Telecom
DePaul University

On Mon, 14 Jun 2004, Scott B. Lowe wrote:

> I am using RANCID 2.3 with great sucess on Cisco gear but I am having an
> issue with Riverstone 3000's.
> When you login to one of these, either by telnet or ssh, you must hit
> return before a login prompt appears.  Therefore when I use clogin to
> try to connect it just sits at the login screen for the Riverstone, not
> getting to the prompt.  Is there a way I can force RANCID to hit a
> carriage return before looking for the login prompt?

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