CatOS Problem

darren kruse darren at
Fri Oct 1 02:17:18 UTC 2004

I tried your suggestion re autoenable ...

ferret# less .cloginrc
add autoenable c55k-2 0
add password c55k-1  userpass enablepass
add password c55k-2  userpass enablepass
add password c55k-3 userpass enablepass

But, it's still doing the same thing , since the upgrade to 2.3.1
it works for the first cat (c55k-1) , then chokes on the second and third.

Trying to get all of the configs.
write(spawn_id=3): I/O error
    while executing
"send "exit\r""
    invoked from within
"expect -nobrace -re {^[^
^M *]*c55k2> \(enable\)} {
etc.. as previously advised..

Christopher E. Brown wrote:

> I noticed that for whatever reason there is an issue with prompt 
> parsing on CatOS devices.
> I had to set login/enable passwords and autoenable = 0 in cloginrc for 
> my Cat)S devices.
> Coupe, Mark (ITD) wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've got a Cisco network of 1900s (haven't dealt with yet), IOS and 
>> CatOS.  I've got all the IOS and CatOS devices in a single router.db 
>> file.  The manufacturer entry is set for each to either 'cisco' or 
>> 'cat5' as appropriate.  The problem that I'm having is that while all 
>> of the IOS devices have their config pulled without issue, none of 
>> the CatOS devices do.
>> I have successfully logged into and run commands on the CatOS devices 
>> by using 'clogin' and specifying the hostname and commands.  When I 
>> use 'rancid-run' I get the following error message (or similar) in 
>> the logs for each of the devices:
>> "<hostname> clogin error: Error: TIMEOUT reached
>> <hostname>: missed cmd(s): write term all,show port ifindex,show 
>> module,dir sup-microcode:,dir sup-bootflash:,dir bootflash:,dir 
>> slot0:,showversion,show flash,write term,show boot,dir slot1:
>> <hostname>: End of run not found"
>> Can anyone point me in the right direction at least because while I 
>> realize that the "End of run not found" is the bigger issue than the 
>> "missed cmd(s)" (according to stuff I've read in the archives) I'm 
>> not really sure where I should be looking.
>> Thanks,
>> Mark

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