Using rancid to hop from router to router

Andrew Partan asp at
Thu Oct 14 17:55:02 UTC 2004

On Thu, Oct 14, 2004 at 10:33:59AM -0700, Tony Tauber wrote:
> or connect via different async ports on a term server.

There is some support for this bit - ssh/telnet to a port on a
router - if the routername ends in :portnumber, then clogin will
ssh/telnet to $portnumber instead of the default ssh/telnet port.

But there is no current support for the rest of this - you can't
easily do this today:
	% $cmd1 $router1
	$router1> $cmd2 $router2
	$router2> $cmd3 $router3

You could write your own expect script and do this
	clogin -s myscript.exp $router1

And since myscript.exp is sourced by clogin, you could use some of
the functions in clogin to help you get into other routers, if any
of these functions were suitable to help you.

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