Packetshaper & Nortel Contivity

dharmesh dbshah at
Sat Oct 30 07:40:37 UTC 2004

Ah well, they say its not as bad as they say it is.

 Hi John,
This is my third post to this list regarding submitting the files for
packetshaper & nortel contivity.

I have been running rancid now for over 3 yrs presently using rancid v2.3.1
on linux ( fedora core 2) with ssh  for cisco catos swithces, netscreen &
cisco routers.....  

also i hacked rancid for backing up configs for nortel contivty & packetshaper.

I wish to submit them to the group so tht more people can use it.

How do i go about it. I want to return back the favor to the community for the
excellent work you people have been doing.

Request you to tell me exactly what i should be doing.
i am not good at submitting patches :( But i can submit the nclogin &
ncrancid ( for nortel contivty) &  pslogin & psrancid (for packetshaper) in
a zip if you want.

hell i am not even good at PERL, ( novice actually)  i have just made some
marignal changes to the way the prompt should behave & where it should look
for end of run , etc

hope you will not disappoint me.

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