RancidSVN: New Repository Location

Justin Grote justin at grote.name
Fri Apr 1 00:16:00 UTC 2005

john heasley wrote:

>I really will get to your patch at some point.  Lack of spare time; dont
>take my silence as non-interest.  Your effort is appreciated.
No problem whatsoever. I didn't mean at all for that comment to come off 
as a stab against you guys, but upon a second reading I see how it could 
be interpreted that way. I have the utmost respect for the project and I 
just didn't want to hamper development for my quick hack, it was just 
something that I wanted and some other people had interest in :).

Don't worry about validating the drop-in replacement for inclusion, it's 
too intrusive to your current source. When I get my integrated version 
done that offers Subversion as an option rather than mandatory, I'll 
send it over. I've been doing my best to follow your coding conventions 
and styles, so it's not too intrusive. You guys also did such an 
excellent job of separating the collector and repository code that I 
don't even have to touch the collector code and router profiles, just 
the repository code.

I'd say the best benefit to this has been the ability to commit via http 
and svn+ssh://. In larger deployments, I have RancidSVN running at each 
site, and they all commit to a central repository (each site being a 
subdirectory), giving a centralized view of the entire network. The 
low-cost svn copy is real nice to take snapshots of the network, plus 
all the other great stuff about Subversion (such as directory version 

Keep up the great work!

Justin Grote
Network Architect
JWG Networks

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