Foundry Serviron load balancers

Justin Grote justin at
Tue Dec 20 01:24:08 UTC 2005

Patrick Topping wrote:

> I just installed RANCID for the very first time a week ago.  It is 
> working great so far except for my Foundry ServerIron load balancers.  
> RANCID is reporting changes in them every hour when it runs.  It 
> reports changes in them even when there has not been a change.  Has 
> any one seen anything similar to this with Foundry load balancers?  
> Any one have any idea where I should start looking for this issue?  
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Is it reporting the *exact* same diffs every time? If so, your CVS or 
Subversion is likely messed up somehow and is uncommitable, which is 
what is causing RANCID to do that.

Justin Grote
Network Architect
JWG Networks

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