Problems Collecting Extreme configs.

john heasley heas at
Thu Jan 27 05:42:52 UTC 2005

Wed, Jan 26, 2005 at 04:10:39PM -0500, Glenn Wiltse:
>   I've recently started trying to collect configurations from
> a Extreme switch. I've ran into problems, sorted some out, but
> still have questions...
> First off I'm currently runing 2.8b version of rancid.

we have not reached 2.8 yet and all b ("beta") images have been yanked.
perhaps this is 2.3b?  I'd prefer that you had 2.3.1 + p1.

>   For this Extreme switch, I'm using telnet, adding autoenable, getting
> loged in alright... but I keep getting hung up on the clipaging that we
> like to keep enabled on these switches. If I disable clipaging, all goes
> well, but I really hate to have to leave clipaging off permenently.
>   I was asked/told that if I just issue a the command 'diable clipaging
> session' before I issued the other commands, it should work. Well not
> knowing rancid and/or expect well enough to figure out how to make this
> hapen on my own. I decided to come and ask, if this issue has been
> delt with already in a more recent revsion of rancid... and/or if somone
> can point me in the right direction for dealing with the paging issue
> on a session basis.
>  We really don't want to permenetly disable paging on our Extreme switches
> unless that is really our only option.

The pager can normally be dealt with in the run_commands loop.  ISTR there
was a reason why we could not do this for the extreme, but I can't remember.
I think it used terminal control codes to manipulate the lines, so weird
spacing would show-up.

but, you can certainly upgrade and try it.  sorry - extreme is a bit of a
bastard child for us.

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