Problem with catalyst 5500

Johan Bergström johan.bergstrom at
Wed Jun 1 12:08:53 UTC 2005


I'm having problems getting all info needed from a bunch of catalyst
5500 switches. In my logs I see,

Trying to get all of the configs.
bf-5505-02: missed cmd(s): write term
ad-5505-01: missed cmd(s): write term
ab-5505-01: missed cmd(s): write term

and so on for each switch.

When I'm trying to run the cat5rancid command manually it gives me the
same errormessage, but if I do:

clogin -c "write term all; write term" bf-5505-01

(as the cat5rancid -d output showed me) it outputs everything as it
should. So there is no problem with promptcapture or communication, or

Is there a timeout on each command or something? Because write term all
takes like 5-6 seconds on these old 5500's.

I'm running on old CatOS software, 5.5.19, if that has anything to do
with it, and upgrading is not an option at this time unfortunately,
since we're going to exchange the 5500's for 4500's later this year, or
early 2006.

I've tried everything I can think of for now. So appriciate ideas, or


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