Problem with Cisco 1900's and RANCID v2.3.2a

'john heasley' heas at
Wed Jun 8 00:09:38 UTC 2005

Tue, Jun 07, 2005 at 04:51:28PM -0700, Roderick B. Greening:
> I downloaded the file from and it works for
> 1900's, but the one packaged in the tar ball doesn't.
> I did a diff, and it appears as though some things were shuffled around in
> the section dealing with the "--More--".
> If this is an expect issue, can someone explain why the file on
> the ftp server appears to work and what was broken in expect that would need
> to be patched.
> I am running Mandrake Linux 10.1 and have installed the following expect RPM
> and not applied any specific patch to expect: expect-8.4.5-6mdk
> Running expect -v it returns: expect version 5.38.0
> I also have the following RPM's for TCL:
> tcl-8.4.5-6mdk
> libtcl8.4-8.4.5-6mdk
> Here's the diff -u between the rancid 2.3.2a version of clogin and the
> standalone one that works from

these should be innocuous.  I will send an expect that I just compiled with
the patch.  I suspect this is simply a timing problem, which the hack to
expect should fix.

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