trying to add Cisco clustering support to rancid -- almost do ne

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Fri May 13 20:58:06 UTC 2005

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> These embedded 'exit' commands are really going to mess things up.
> rancid's control logic is really very simple right now; all that
> it knows is that is runs a series of commands and that the last
> command is 'exit', and that when it sees 'exit', its done & its an
> error if there are commands left over.

As a data point, I've used Rancid with embedded "exits" with the -c command
and a bunch of semi-colons (like clogin -c "conf t; enable password
blah;exit;write mem") with no problem.  Perhaps it's parsing the -c options
differently than its internal control logic...dunno.  So far, though, I've
found that as long as the end result of my string of commands is enable mode
(not configure), rancid just handles it.

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