Rivlogin modifications

Mike McHenry mmchenry at lightedge.com
Tue May 24 03:58:44 UTC 2005

Rivlogin is currently in a sad state of functionality that doesn't
support many of the things the newer clogin does; most notably SSH


I've remedied this on my systems by hacking up the latest version of
clogin to support Riverstone equipment. The new expect script can be
found here



Also a patch in "diff -uNr" context



Treat this code as beta quality. However it is working well on my
network of RS3000s/RS38000s running 9.1 code. Any chance we can get this
script into the mainline code releases?


Mike McHenry  (612) 252-2340 

 mmchenry at lightedge.com

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