Rivlogin modifications

Mike McHenry mmchenry at lightedge.com
Tue May 24 15:27:05 UTC 2005

Enterasys and Riverstone were both spun off divisions of Cabletron so
they are somewhat similar but may not be identical anymore.

I definitely don't think my rivlogin should replace the stock version
without a good amount of testing. I would have rather patched the
exiting rivlogin but it seemed like such a long road to go down when
clogin was 95% of the way there. :)

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john heasley wrote:
> Nice.  Changes to login scripts always seems a lot like screwing with
> nature - one wrong move and there is a pestilence upon the land, so
> not being keen on riverstone myself and since rivlogin was
> I am curious about it's relation to "Enterasys".  It's not clear to me
> what enterasys is; or if changes to rivlogin will alienate it.
> Andrew (fort), perhaps you can take this?

sure thing.. thanks for the updates and i'll test them here.


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