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Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Wed Nov 2 11:34:22 UTC 2005

On Mon, Oct 31, 2005 at 01:16:05PM -0500, Hank Kilmer wrote:
> The intent of the license to to maintain recognition but still allow 
> free use.
Full ACK here.

> We have discussed updating the license to make it more 
> "standard" and clear - more later on that.
Please do so. I know license discussions drift easily into big flame wars
that can go on for months but a known license can ease the adoption of
a software. There is already a license jungle in the OSS world.

> You are free to use it as described.
Thanks, will do.

> -Hank
Just to crosscheck it: Hank Kilmer and Henry Kilmer (the name in the
COPYING file) are the same person. Google seems to confirm this e.g.


> Michael Stefaniuc wrote:
> >while trying to improve the rancid spec file i got from Dan Pfleger so i 
> >can start testing rancid i run into a non technical problem: the 
> >license. I have read the COPYING file and there is the "non-commerical 
> >purposes" limitation for copying, modifying and redistribution. But 
> >there is no mention of "use" of the software in there.
> >I googled around and what i found is that FreshMeat shows as license 
> >"Other/Proprietary License" 
> >( and Debian marks it as 
> >"non-free" ( Couldn't 
> >find any previous license discussions for rancid that's why i'm asking now.
> >To me the software looks like an advertising BSD license with some 
> >non-commercial restrictions but IANAL so i asked one. His answer was: "I 
> >would ask that you contact the maintainers and ask that they clarify 
> >that the non-commercial restriction applies only to re-distribution, not 
> >to use, copying or modification."
> >
> >What we want to do is to use the rancid internaly at Red Hat, not to 
> >sell it, not to distribute it and not to sell any services based on it. 
> >Only pure internal use.
> >
> >bye
> >    michael

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