Rancid+Cisco privs?

Shaun mailinglists at unix-scripts.com
Wed Nov 23 23:18:55 UTC 2005

I just setup rancid and all it working fine but now I want to secure things 
a bit.  Right now the user rancid logs into my Cisco gear with has a priv of 
15 but I want to lock this user down so that the user only have privs to do 
what rancid needs to do.  I'm not very familiar with rancid, it's my first 
time using it so I'm not really sure what it's doing in the back end.  I 
searched around a bit but couldn't really find much on this subject.  Right 
now all my equipment rancid it polling is IOS.

Will a priv 1 be enough access for rancid?


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