Rancid+Cisco privs?

Saku Ytti saku+rancid at ytti.fi
Thu Nov 24 07:16:26 UTC 2005

On (2005-11-23 15:18 -0800), Shaun wrote:

> I just setup rancid and all it working fine but now I want to secure things 
> a bit.  Right now the user rancid logs into my Cisco gear with has a priv of 
> 15 but I want to lock this user down so that the user only have privs to do 
> what rancid needs to do.  I'm not very familiar with rancid, it's my first 
> time using it so I'm not really sure what it's doing in the back end.  I 
> searched around a bit but couldn't really find much on this subject.  Right 
> now all my equipment rancid it polling is IOS.
> Will a priv 1 be enough access for rancid?

Reading NVRAM is priviledged command always, so priv 1 will not help you.
However if you're running cutting edge IOS you have 'views' where you 
can add just the commands you need.


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