j 7.4

Andrew Fort afort at choqolat.org
Sun Nov 27 23:04:28 UTC 2005

Randy Bush wrote:
>>> also, how can i get it to dump the config with apply-groups expanded
>>> | except ##?
>> I believe this is what you are looking for.
>> show configuration | display inheritance
> i know how to type it.  what i want is for rancid to do it
> for the diffs
> randy

If all you want to do is change the command executed, change two lines 
in jrancid.  I'd give a diff but I'm not sure what version you're on, so 
look for these two stanza towards the end (~line 484 for me):

# Main
         "show chassis clocks"           => "ShowChassisClocks",
         "show chassis environment"      => "ShowChassisEnvironment",
         "show chassis firmware"         => "ShowChassisFirmware",
         "show chassis fpc detail"       => "ShowChassisFpcDetail",
         "show chassis hardware detail"  => "ShowChassisHardware",
         "show chassis routing-engine"   => "ShowChassisRoutingEngine",
         "show chassis scb"              => "ShowChassisSCB",
         "show chassis sfm detail"       => "ShowChassisSCB",
         "show chassis ssb"              => "ShowChassisSCB",
         "show chassis feb"              => "ShowChassisSCB",
         "show chassis cfeb"             => "ShowChassisSCB",
         "show chassis alarms"           => "ShowChassisAlarms",
         "show system boot-messages"     => "ShowSystemBootMessages",
         "show version detail"           => "ShowVersion",
         "show configuration"            => "ShowConfiguration"
         "show chassis clocks",
         "show chassis environment",
         "show chassis firmware",
         "show chassis fpc detail",
         "show chassis hardware detail",
         "show chassis routing-engine",
         "show chassis scb",
         "show chassis sfm detail",
         "show chassis ssb",
         "show chassis feb",
         "show chassis cfeb",
         "show chassis alarms",
         "show system boot-messages",
         "show version detail",
         "show configuration"

Change the two instances of "show configuration" to the intended 
command.  As long as there's no changes in the parsing required by 
ShowConfiguration (my limited understanding of junos cli syntax thinks 
you should be OK), it should work.


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