[rancid] Re: Got Rancid working, now what?

Joseph Jackson JJackson at aninetworks.com
Wed Aug 9 18:53:17 UTC 2006

You set the time to poll based on a cron job.  Once RANCID see's a
change it applies it to CVS and overwrights the old config.  I don't
know where to change that but it does store the complete configs in
"/usr/local/rancid/var/routers/configs/"  So you could always have
something copy them out to another location after the RANCID run


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> OK, I was able to do a test on a few devices successfully, 
> but had to disable the sendmail lines in the config. The 
> basic config that comes with the install of Rancid, does it 
> have default settings on how long between polls, how many 
> diffs to save, etc? Is there a better example for Cisco only 
> that I can study? I had tested diff by changing a line on one 
> router, and saw that it had picked up on it, but I did not 
> see two copies in CVS, did I do something wrong, or am I 
> looking in the wrong place? 
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