[rancid] Re: Success Monitoring with Extreme XOS on BD8810

chen_daniel at emc.com chen_daniel at emc.com
Fri Aug 18 18:48:36 UTC 2006


Good and Bad news.

XOS SSH access is fine and very stable compared with telnet.

I made some modifications to allow Rancid to monitor Extreme XOS on BD8810.
1) Prompt recognition; Since XOS changed the prompt's look from
<hostname>:<sequence> to <hostname>.<sequence>; xrancid didn't recognize
when each command finished

$prompt =~ s/[:.](\d+ ?)#/.\\d+ ?#/;

2) Since there is no tag line like "End of Configuration" in XOS as
there was in ExtremeWare; my change unfortunately eliminates the
detection of VRRP differences as this is the last section of the
configuration file. As a customer of Extreme, I have asked the Systems
Engineer to make the change in the way 'show config' ends the display of
the configuration. 

        if (/^# Module vrrp configuration./i) {

Alternatively, the end of configuration detection for Extreme XOS rancid
could be disabled temporarily until Extreme changes their 'show config'
lack of "end of configuration" statement.

3) So for now, I also modified rancid-fe for a new type of router, XOS
calling a modified version of xrancid as x2rancid. As xrancid should be
used for the ExtremeWare.

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