[rancid] Re: Enable requires username and password

Eric Helm helmwork at ruraltel.net
Mon Dec 4 17:30:20 UTC 2006

john heasley wrote:
> Mon, Dec 04, 2006 at 10:52:10AM -0600, Eric Helm:
>> I'm having problems with a device that requires a Username and Password
>> for enable access. I've tried 'add enableprompt' and 'add enauser' to my
>> .cloginrc file. However, when I test with rancid-run, it attempts to use
>> only an enable password, but not a username/password. Anyone have an
>> example I can reference, or an idea of what I'm doing wrong?
>> I've got something like this in my .cloginrc file:
>> add enableprompt fbi4000-turin.vic*     {"User Name:"}
>> add enauser     fbi4000-turin.vic*      ranciduser
>> add user        fbi4000-turin.vic*      ranciduser
>> add userpassword fbi4000-turin.vic*     {userpass}
>> add method      fbi4000-turin*          telnet
>> add user        fbi4000-turin*          ranciduser
>> add password    fbi4000-turin*          {userpass}      {enablepass}
>> Access to the fbi4000-turin* works OK, but its not using user auth for
>> enable access. The fbi4000-turin.vic* are the devices having issues.
> Foundry's have this bug.  See flogin.

How could I force a few of a bunch of Foundry's to use a user/login for
the enable?


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