[rancid] routers map/network topology

Julien TOUCHE julien.touche at lycos.com
Sat Dec 16 15:11:13 UTC 2006


i've just discovered rancid and if it seems to solves the problem of
backup and history on network equipments, i'm not sure about topology
and map.

this seems to be positive

but i would like to see some examples or screenshots
for example, diagram like nagios map or text map with which
routers/switch is linked to which one.

something like

switch1 - router1 - router1b
            - router2 - router2b
            - router3 - router3b
                          - router3c
                          - router3d
            - router4 - router4b

eventually with which subnet.
and so on

If it is possible, two questions:
- how ? any guide/howto link ?
- does it support nat pool/static on some of these routers ?

thanks a lot


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