[rancid] Possible to use different password in .cloginrc

Atle Østbø Atle.Ostbo at tdcsong.no
Fri Nov 24 12:56:50 UTC 2006

I have installed the rancid-2.3.2a5.tar.gz on an Linux RedHat server.
Most of our cpe and core routeres/switches have configured tacacs, but there is several of them that use login/enable password to get access to the configuration.
Are the possible to set up some roule to use the tacacs login first, if that failed - then go to next match in the .cloginrc file.
# Most of the routers have tacacs login - try with that first
add user *.no.sn.net    auto
add password *.no.sn.net        {rancid!}
add autoenable *.no.sn.net      1
#If login failed - try login/enable password 
add password *.no.sn.net {differentyou}  {v8motor}
add autoenable*.no.sn.net 0

I have used some time to search the web for some solution for this, but I have not get any match.
If you have some tips how I should do this - please send me an answer.

I will also say this is a wery good tool - and help us to hold track for our canges on the routers.

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