[rancid] Re: wrancid/vpn3k additions

Ed Ravin eravin at panix.com
Tue Oct 3 01:33:10 UTC 2006

On Mon, Oct 02, 2006 at 05:11:38PM -0700, Lance Vermilion wrote:
> I have made some changes to it again, but this time to allow it to read 
> the cloginrc file. So here is the whole file.  I know it is ugly, but it works.

Well, it works for what you tested it with, but can you promise that
your parsing of cloginrc will match exactly how the regular clogin
and friends scripts parse it?

I highly recommend that you use my method for Perl scripts to parse
cloginrc - it uses Expect code stolen from clogin to print out the
parsed contents of the cloginrc file in Perl syntax, which then gets
eval'd into a Perl hash.  It's much more likely to be accurate, and
much more maintainable.  Also, if there are every any changes to the
way cloginrc is parsed, it will be much easier to port the changes
into this method.

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#! /usr/local/bin/expect --

# usage: cloginrc2pl.exp <cloginrc-name>

# convert RANCID cloginrc database to perl
# called by a Perl program that wants to parse cloginrc
# output is Perl commands to be eval'd into calling Perl program

# turn each set of "add directive_name hostglob value0 value1 ..." lines
# into a single Perl array of arrays, which is stored into a hash
# for lookup by 'directive_name'

# perl structure:
#  $_cloginrc_data{$directive}= [ [hostglob, value0, value1, ...],
#                                 [hostglob, value, ...],
#                                 ...
#                               ]

proc dump {var} {
    upvar int_$var list
	puts -nonewline "\$Rancid::ParseConfig::_cloginrc_data{'$var'}= \[ "
	foreach inputline $list {
		set hostglob [lindex $inputline 0]
		set valuelist [lreplace $inputline 0 0 ]
		puts -nonewline "\[ '$hostglob', "
		foreach thing $valuelist {
			# Perl single quotes support \\ and \' escapes
			regsub -all {\\} $thing {\\\\} thing
			regsub -all {'} $thing {\\'} thing
			puts -nonewline "'$thing',"
		puts -nonewline "], "
	puts "\];"

# code below stolen from clogin, with slight modification

# This is a helper function to make the password file easier to
# maintain.  Using this the password file has the form:
# add password sl*	pete cow
# add password at*	steve
# add password *	hanky-pie

proc add {var args} {
	global int_$var
	global addlist
	lappend int_$var $args
	lappend addlist $var
proc include {args} {
    global env
    regsub -all "(^{|}$)" $args {} args
    if { [ regexp "^/" $args ignore ] == 0 } {
	set args $env(HOME)/$args
    source_password_file $args

proc find {var router} {
    upvar int_$var list
    if { [info exists list] } {
	foreach line $list {
	    if { [string match [lindex $line 0] $router ] } {
		return [lrange $line 1 end]
    return {}

# Loads the password file.  Note that as this file is tcl, and that
# it is sourced, the user better know what to put in there, as it
# could install more than just password info...  I will assume however,
# that a "bad guy" could just as easy put such code in the clogin
# script, so I will leave .cloginrc as just an extention of that script
proc source_password_file { password_file } {
    global env
    if { ! [file exists $password_file] } {
	puts "die 'Error: password file ($password_file) does not exist';"
	exit 1
    file stat $password_file fileinfo
    if { [expr ($fileinfo(mode) & 007)] != 0000 } {
	puts "die 'Error: $password_file must not be world readable/writable';"
	exit 1
    if [ catch {source $password_file} reason ] {
	puts "die 'Error: $reason';"
	exit 1

# main - get the filename from the command line, source it, dump it

set arg [lindex $argv 0]
source_password_file $arg

foreach var [lsort -unique $addlist] {
 	dump $var
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