[rancid] how to program a custom device

Javier Rojas jerojasro at gmail.com
Sat Feb 17 21:51:35 UTC 2007


I have a fortinet firewall and a few allied telesis switches. They are
not supported in rancid, and I'm willing to write the necessary scripts
for supporting them, so the questions are:
  1. Will I be able to reuse some of the *clogin scripts? on which cases
     is it good to reuse them?
  2. What are supossed to do the *login and *rancid scripts? which are
     their inputs and outputs? Is there any dev-doc for doing this?

... to quote other post in this list, "I'm not the Perl Gods's gift to the
mankind", which is why I'd like a language-agnostic definition of what
do theses scripts do

Javier Rojas

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