[rancid] Re: Suppress changes in VLAN-membership

Erik Wenzel erik at code.de
Thu Jul 5 08:11:25 UTC 2007

On Tue, 2007-07-03 at 11:45 +0200, Michael Stefaniuc wrote:
> > Is there any way to suppress this VLAN-information? It means that I get
> > a lot of config diffs every day - and not only the ones that I would
> > actually want to see..
> Search the archives for "diff". Somebody posted a patch that uses gnu 
> diff's "--ignore-matching-lines" option.
Yes, but that was not working as expected. We ( a buddy and me ) rewrote
that patch. I am preparing a patch for current stable version.

Erik Wenzel <erik at code.de>

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