[rancid] issue with email diffs

Marr, Joe Joe.Marr at brodart.com
Tue Jul 17 03:15:50 UTC 2007

I seem to have a problem with the config diffs I receive from rancid:


Index: configs/XXXX-cor01.XXXX.com

retrieving revision 1.38

diff -U-4 -r1.38 XXXX-cor01.XXXX.com

Index: configs/XXXX-cor05.XXXX.com

retrieving revision 1.29

diff -U-4 -r1.29 XXXX-cor05.XXXX.com


when I receive an email with a diff, I only see the above text in the
email. I do not receive the actual differences. 


Why would this happen?



Joe Marr

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