[rancid] Re: F5 load balancer support

Robin Mordasiewicz rmordasiewicz at samuelmanutech.com
Tue Jul 17 19:31:01 UTC 2007

On Tue, 17 Jul 2007, Mike Ashcraft wrote:

> It sounds like Lance and Sam have put together a working f5rancid with
> basic functionality which Sam posted last night.  I have attached my
> f5rancid which I have been running for a few months.  Installation
> instructions are included as comments in the file.  This version uses
> clogin so that a separate f5login script is not required.
> This version formats and processes the output to make it more usable.
> As far as what is captured, I based this on the F5 equivalent of a tech
> out.  It grabs a copy of all the configuration files, hardware
> configuration and software version as well as the timestamps and file
> sizes for SSL certs hosted on the device.  This facilitates rebuilding
> from scratch as quickly as possible if this is ever needed.
> I was able to resolve the bug I mentioned yesterday by increasing the
> clogin timeout.  On a small number of devices it failed to process the
> last few commands when running from cron but always worked properly from
> the command line on all devices [making it difficult to track down].   I
> mention this because it may be an appropriate fix for other intermittent
> problems sometimes discussed on this list.
> Any feedback is appreciated.  I hope to get f5 support added to future
> releases of rancid.

I just installed the file and followed the instructions and it worked.
One thing you might want to add in the instructions is that the user must
edit the rancid-fe file to assiciate the device type with executing this
file, however if this becomes part of the main distribution then it will
just work.


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