[rancid] Re: 'changeto context' Issue

Lance rancid at gheek.net
Tue Jul 24 17:24:32 UTC 2007


This is currently not support by rancid. The tricky part is to make this
function dynamic. To make it static is rather simple. The only way to
make it dynamic from my point of view is to do it one of a couple of

#Sample router.db format:

#Sample processing of $hosts to help control which context is backed up.
</apps/rancid/bin>: cat asarancid 
#!/usr/bin/perl -w

my $host = $ARGV[0];
my $device;
my $context;

if ( $host =~ /(.*)\[(.*)\]/ )
  $device = $1;
  $context = $2;
  print "Device: $device\n";
  print "Context: $context\n";

die "Didn't find a context in the prompt: $!\n" if (! $context );

if ( -e $device_system )
  my @array = `cat $device_system`;
  foreach (@array)
    print "Process Context: $context\n" if $_ =~ /^context\s$context$/;
    $match = 1 if $_ =~ /context\s$context/;
  print "No context matching $context in the system config for
$device\n" if (! $match);
  die "File ($device) doesn't exist: $!\n";

perl asarancid ops-pix-1[admin]:asa:up
Device: ops-pix-1
Context: admin
Process Context: admin

perl asarancid ops-pix-1[admin2]:asa:up
Device: ops-pix-1
Context: admin2
Process Context: admin2

1.) - connect to the FW or FWSM and changeto system. Issue "sh run".
    - read the FW/FWSM system config that is saved in the configs
directory and capture all contexts that are configured there.
    - using something I would call ASArancid a perl script (slightly
modified rancid perl script) and read the FW/FWSM system config that is
saved in the configs directory and capture all contexts names that are
in the configuration. Then call the existing clogin expect script and
pass in the commands to run which would include a new command "changeto
<contexts saved from the ASA system>".
    - If you want to be able to control the contexts that are collected
then you could modify ASArancid a little more to simply parse
$ARGV[0]/$host and check if the context from the example above. 

That would dynamically capture the configs and allow you to control what
is captured. Keep in mind you would need to first have an entry for
"device[system]:asa:up" to create the base config which is only the
system config. If that wasn't there then all other attempts to get
configs for contexts on that host would fail. I would also make these be
saved as device_system. So for my example I would have an example file
file of var/<group>/configs/ops-pix-1_system. So the file new log line
would look something like this.

open(OUTPUT,">$device_$context.new") || die "Can't open
$device_$context.new for writing: $!\n";

This is the best I can I think to process it. Maybe I will get some time
to put a asarancid script together.


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> Subject: [rancid]  'changeto context' Issue
> From: "Daniel Tuecks" <dtuecks at googlemail.com>
> Date: Tue, July 24, 2007 2:47 am
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> Hello,
> I am trying to backup various fwsm contexts. Using rancid 2.3.2a6, i can
> issue a command similar to
> clogin -c 'changeto context <my_context>;show running-config'
> fwsm0.my.domain
> clogin displays the config, exits and everything is fine.
> How can I configure rancid to do this automatically? I'd like to have each
> context-config treated as a separate device. How would I specify this in the
> router.db file? I cannot access the context directly.
> It would be nice if something like this existed
> router.db
> ---------
> fwsm0:cisco-fwcontext[my_context]:up
>   or alternatively
> fwsm0[my_context]:cisco:up
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