[rancid] Re: Juniper ERX Professionals Required!

Shain Singh Shain.Singh at aapt.com.au
Sat Mar 3 08:27:08 UTC 2007

Randy Bush wrote:
> William Dyer wrote:
>> Would you like to work on-site for 6 months+ for some of the largest
>> organisations in the World? 

>not when associated with an asshole slimeball spammer.  who would even
>talk to someone so unethical.  bound to get screwed by low-live like you.

>what part of FOAD don't you understand?

Presumably it's hard to understand FOAD when manual directed spam can't even be "placed" in the more applicable lists out there.
However I daresay he would be given the same response on those as well..

IANAL but it's illegal to spam here in Australia.

Shaineel Singh
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