[rancid] limiting diff email's content

Jayendra Luintel jluintel at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 16:19:28 UTC 2007

Currently I am running rancid-2.3.1_1 on freebsd 6.1. It is great tools and
I am loving it. With current setup rancid tells what configuration changes
have been made over the emails.

Would it be possible to limit rancid's email to just tell me where the
configuration changes has occured. I do not want to  know the details of
changes in email. Just want to know where the changes have occured will
suffice for my purpose.

I noticed there is some patch written about it here:
But I am having difficulty using this patch.

Basically I want to make rancid less smart so that I do not get details of
change over email. I just want to get in what routers/switches changes have

Any direction or help will be appreciated.

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