[rancid] Backing up Routers behind Cisco Router in VRF instance

Flavio Curti fcu at no-way.org
Fri Mar 16 15:28:31 UTC 2007


I'm trying to backup cisco-routers behind another cisco router. This
should work using the usercmd patch. However I have two problems:

 - The routers are in vrf instances on the router, so i have to login
   like this: telnet routerip /vrf vrfinstance

- the routers have the same internal ip-addresses, so i can have a
   router on in vrf "one" and vrf "two"

Can I do this using the usercmd command? Do I have to make a public dns
entry for every router I have?

Thank you for your help and kind regards

Flavio Curti


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