[rancid] [PATCH] Use Git to store configs

Jeffrey C. Ollie jeff at ocjtech.us
Fri Mar 30 11:53:38 UTC 2007

Here's a patch that I've been working on that allows you to store your
configs in a Git[1] repository.

Adding a third RCS system necessitated a little bit of code
reorganization, so I may have inadvertantly broken something (I haven't
tested CVS or Subversion repositories with the patch applied).  The
other big differences are:

1) When using CVS and Subversion, RANCID is working on local checkouts
(located in $BASEDIR) of a repository that is located elsewhere on disk
($CVSROOT).  Git works differently, so $BASEDIR is the complete
repository and $CVSROOT isn't really necessary.

2) Since there could be multiple processes acting simultaneously on the
same repository (with CVS and Subversion RANCID had a separate checkout
for each group) I guard all operations on the repository using flock(1).
flock(1) does not operate over NFS.

I've attached the patch, or you can follow progress on my web site[2].


[1] http://www.kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/docs/git.html
[2] http://git.ocjtech.us/rancid.git

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