[rancid] [PATCH] Fixing Extreme support

Tore Anderson tore at linpro.no
Tue May 22 14:30:16 UTC 2007

   Hi.  I finally got around to fix RANCID so it worked flawlessly with
  my Extreme devices (I've got switches running both ExtremeWare and

   * Identify XOS as a separate platform, this is done by looking for a
     period before the command number instead of a colon.  Fix the prompt
     match regex in xrancid to recognise both cases.

   * Always "disable clipaging [session]" to avoid pagination, which
     earlier caused me to lose a configuration line every 24 or so lines
     for XOS.  Remove comments suggesting such commands isn't available.

   * XOS doesn't have a marker for the end of the configuration file, so
     use a prompt match to look for the end too.  Also make it so that
     invalid commands are detected, thus preventing an error message to
     be mistaken for the complete configuration.

   * Work around a strange bug in XOS where once in a while the line
     containing the SSH key will only contain the last seven hundred or
     so octets (causing spurious diffs to be mailed all the time).  If we
     see a line containing only hex octets, assume we hit the bug and
     replace it like we would the complete line.

   * Fix the while loop that's supposed to swallow the SSL privkey for
     ExtremeWare devices, which earlier caused the next valid
     configuration line following the key to be swallowed also.

   * Remove special-casing of the quit/exit command for Extreme products,
     use "quit" always.

   This fixes all the bugs I experienced using RANCID with Extreme
  devices running XOS and EW 7.5e.2.6 / 7.5e.3.8.

   Hope it's useful to others and that it can be applied to the next
  alpha release.

Tore Anderson
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