[rancid] Cisco GSS support?

Tyler Hall tyler at tylerhall.net
Fri May 25 20:42:53 UTC 2007

I have a Cisco GSS that I'm trying to login, via clogin.

Our tacacs server allows the rancid user to do basic commands (sh run)
without enable access.

However, when it logs in, it errors out on me.

[rancid at jump /home/rancid/bin]$ ./clogin -noenable -c "sh run" glb1.test.com

rancid at glb1.test.com's password:
Last login: Fri May 25 20:39:31 2007 from localhost
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

I don't know why it tries to send the 'username' gain after it connects
successfully.  Perhaps clogin doesn't support the GSS yet?

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