[rancid] Re: ASA Timeouts

Todd Heide Todd at equivoice.com
Tue Oct 9 20:42:06 UTC 2007

OK, here is something else that is weird. I have 4 devices showing up in
Viewvc under a different author, none of these have been updated, and
don't show up in the logs. Where would I find this at?

Todd Heide
Equivoice Inc.

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Have you tried "sudo su - <rancid user>" and then "source
etc/rancid.conf" and then last but not least tried to connect to the
devices after you have all the environmentals?


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> I have a weird problem, on a few ASA devices I get timeouts "clogin
> error: Error: TIMEOUT reached", yet from the command I can easily ssh
> into the devices, so I know it isn't a connectivity issue. I can login
> using the credentials in the .cloginrc file, and use the same setup
> all the PIX/ASA logins save for the IP address, some work, some
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