[rancid] Re: Custom devices and ttys

Mark Loveley mloveley at plus.net
Wed Oct 10 10:41:40 UTC 2007

On 9 Oct 2007, at 18:37, David Luyer wrote:
> Rather than messing with $LINES and $COLUMNS which are shell  
> convenience
> variables, you might have more luck along the lines of:
>    #!/bin/sh
>    stty rows 1024
>    stty cols 1024
>    exec telnet $*

Already been down this path. Unfortunately cron has no controlling  
pty and so the script errors with a stty error.

couldn't write file "/dev/tty": no such device or address
     while executing
"exec /bin/stty cols 140 >/dev/tty"
     invoked from within
"stty cols 140"

I tried this by using the stty command within the expect script, as  
expect sees stty as a valid option. from the man page:-
     stty args
              changes terminal modes similarly to the external stty  


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