[rancid] Re: OT: how to compare configs of two devices

Lance Vermilion lance at gheek.net
Tue Oct 23 16:33:25 UTC 2007


The way I do it is via diff or sdiff against the configs in
var/<name>/configs/<device name>

Never heard of a CVS way to do it, as they are not directly related.


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> Subject: [rancid]  OT: how to compare configs of two devices
> From: Burton Windle <bwindle at fint.org>
> Date: Tue, October 23, 2007 5:30 am
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> (This may be OT, as it is mostly a CVS question)
> How would one compare the stored configs of two devices? I'd like to make
> sure that all of my branch office's routers are configured the same
> (except for the obvious things, like IP addresses).  Is there an easy way
> to do this using either the CLI cvs tools or the cvsweb.cgi web-gui?
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