[rancid] cisco line-wrap only diff

Adam Korab adam.korab at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 13:52:12 UTC 2008


I'm almost certain this has been addressed before, but apparently I'm
not feeding htdig the proper keywords...

On a Cisco 3750, I periodically get diffs that only seem to be a
change in how the line wraps:

- !VLAN: 31   FCIP                             active    Gi1/0/27,
Gi1/0/28, Gi2/0/27
- !VLAN:                                                 Gi2/0/28
+ !VLAN: 31   FCIP                             active    Gi1/0/27,
Gi1/0/28, Gi2/0/27, Gi2/0/28

What causes this, and how can it be addressed?

A pointer in the right direction or to a previous post would be great.



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