[rancid] Re: Rancid and TFTP?

andrew.brennan+rancid at drexel.edu andrew.brennan+rancid at drexel.edu
Thu Apr 3 17:01:28 UTC 2008

You would either need to wrap the process doing the "login, copy" with a 
time/date that would be passed to cvs (export the correct file to a known 
filename, login to the switch, tftp known file to flash) or you could put
a file lookup function into the TFTPD (I looked for hooks in the remap 
function, but I don't see what I think would be needed).

Or, you might be able to get both functions rolled together by letting a
TFTPD access the CVS repository via CvsFS (http://cvsfs.sourceforge.net/) 
and not have to write any scripts/code at all.  Haven't looked into this
approach, I only thought of it a second ago.  :)


On Thu, 3 Apr 2008, PIERCE, STEVEN T (STEVE), ATTOPS wrote:

> This is slightly off-topic, but I'd appreciate any input from others who
> may have encountered the same issue.
> I run a customer proof of concept lab and I am a happy user of RANCID
> and CVSWeb.  I like being able to view old configs from various
> engagements, see diffs, etc.  The one missing element is the ability for
> me to log into a remote Cisco device and do a simple "copy tftp flash"
> in order to load an older configuration from the server running RANCID.
> Since RANCID doesn't store complete configs, I can't figure out a way to
> do this.
> Has anyone developed a way to archive configs with RANCID and still be
> able to easily tftp complete configs to a remote device?  I can't seem
> to figure this out.  Or, are there other opensource tools that would
> fill this need?
> Thanks.

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