[rancid] SFTOS and Rancid

Chris Bell CBell at thig.com
Mon Apr 14 11:21:36 UTC 2008

Good morning,

We've recently begun purchasing S50V Force 10 switches to power our VoIP
rollout.  We currently use the E1200 by Force 10 as our core switch.
RANCID and the E1200 (FTOS ver.  get along beautifully "out of
the box".  However the S50V's and RANCID do not.  Specifically the SFTOS
(ver. requires the command "quit" to exit the switch after
logging out of exec mode with "exit".  I'm sure this is something very
easy on my end to fix, but I can't seem to figure out where to place the
command "quit" in place of "exit" to get this to work.

Also, the S50V's have the annoying habit of asking "Are you sure you
want to do this" whenever using tftp or even saving the config.  Is
there a way to have clogin/f10rancid answer these?  I use some clogin
scripts to backup all of our devices to a tftp server each night, in
addition to the typical RANCID hourly backups we do.

Sorry if these seem like basic questions, but I understand little about
programming.  I do know that RANICD is probably the most important tool
I have though and it's imperative that I get it working with these
switches. I'm currently using RANCID with the HP Procurve 3400cl's and a
variety of Cisco routers, ASA's, and PIX's with no issues.   

Thanks so much for the help in advance and please let me know if I need
to clarify.

Christopher Bell
Network Administrator
Tower Hill Insurance Group
ext 1734

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