[rancid] How to debug rancid-run?

Sam Munzani smunzani at comcast.net
Tue Apr 22 04:05:31 UTC 2008


I built rancid 2.3.2a7 on FreeBSD 7.0 version using FreeBSD ports. 
Following things work fine however it doesn't just run the rancid-run.
1. clogin device-name works fine.
2. rancid device-name works fine too.

However rancid-run -r device-name just hangs forever. Control+x, 
Control+Break or nothing else works. Below are my version numbers.

There is nothing fancy in the setup and I have done rancid install many 
times. This time I am simply stumped and needs more ideas on how to 
debug. I am suspecting my issues are around cvs but "rancid-run -r" 
should not care about cvs.


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