[rancid] Rancid with Ethernet Blade Switch for HP

Olli Janatuinen olli.janatuinen at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 15:43:40 UTC 2008


We have many "GbE2c Ethernet Blade Switch for HP" switches in our 
company and we want get its configs for Rancid.

In HP Blade switches haven't same software than in HP Procurve switches.
I can login to switches with hlogin but I can't get configurations.

I'm not very good coder but I you can tell me what I need change I think 
   I can get it working.

My hlogin and manual config getting log below.

Best regards, Olli Janatuinen

bash-3.1$ hlogin
spawn hpuifilter -- telnet
Connected to (
Escape character is '^]'.

GbE2c Ethernet Blade Switch for HP c-Class BladeSystem.

Copyright(C)2003 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

Enter password:
[Main Menu]

Aug  1 11:22:33 NOTICE  mgmt: (admin) login from host
      info     - Information Menu
      stats    - Statistics Menu
      cfg      - Configuration Menu
      oper     - Operations Command Menu
      boot     - Boot Options Menu
      maint    - Maintenance Menu
      diff     - Show pending config changes  [global command]
      apply    - Apply pending config changes [global command]
      save     - Save updated config to FLASH [global command]
      revert   - Revert pending or applied changes [global command]
      exit     - Exit  [global command, always available]

 >> Main#

 >> Main# cfg
[Configuration Menu]
      sys      - System-wide Parameter Menu
      port     - Port Menu
      l2       - Layer 2 Menu
      l3       - Layer 3 Menu
      rmon     - RMON Menu
      pmirr    - Port Mirroring Menu
      ufd      - Uplink Failure Detection Menu
      dump     - Dump current configuration to script file
      ptcfg    - Backup current configuration to TFTP server
      gtcfg    - Restore current configuration from TFTP server
      cur      - Display current configuration

 >> Configuration#

 >> Configuration#dump
script start "HP c-Class GbE2c Switch" 4  /**** DO NOT EDIT THIS LINE!
/* Configuration dump taken 11:22:33 Fri Aug  1, 2008
/* Version 1.1.0,  Base MAC address 00:aa:bb:cc:ee:ff
/* RackId: Default RUID, RackName: G2
/* Enclosure: AA99883XX1, EnclosureName: test-host
/* Slot:  1
         tzone +2:00
/c/port 1
         pvid 3001

<<<<<<<<<<<<< config cutted >>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<><<<

/c/l3/gw 1
script end  /**** DO NOT EDIT THIS LINE!

 >> Configuration# exit
Session terminated at 11:22:33 Fri Aug  1, 2008.
Connection closed by foreign host.

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