[rancid] Re: Problem getting config from a Pix 515e

Chris Gauthier cgauthier at mapscu.com
Fri Aug 29 21:01:29 UTC 2008

So, my problem was more basic than anything I want to admit to...


My .cloginrc was referencing my-firewall-inside and the router.db was
referencing my-firewall-515e.


DOH!   Now that is fixed and all works great AND I learned how to patch
Ubuntu's expect.


Chris Gauthier, CCNA

Network Administrator

Marion and Polks Schools Credit Union


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I have a pix 515e w/FOS 7.2 and I get the following errors when I run
rancid (2.3.2a7 on Ubuntu 8.04 Server LTS).  Any thoughts out there?  I
finally got the clogin part working, so it is authenticating just fine.
Is clogin the correct type for a Pix?  What about a Pix running FOS 6.3?






rancid at myserver:~/logs$ tail firewalls.20080828.225403
firewall.example.com: missed cmd(s): admin show diag,dir /all
slavedisk2:,show rsp chassis-info,dir /all sec-slot2:,show diag,dir /all
disk1:,show gsr chassis,dir /all sec-nvram:,show diag chassis-info,dir
/all disk2:,dir /all sec-bootflash:,show spe version,dir /all
slaveslot2:,dir /all disk0:,show install active,show bootvar,dir /all
slaveslot0:,dir /all sec-slot1:,dir /all harddiska:,dir /all
slavenvram:,show flash,dir /all sec-disk2:,dir /all
slavesup-bootflash:,dir /all sec-disk0:,dir /all harddiskb:,show
variables boot,show boot,show inventory raw,dir /all slavedisk1:,show
env all,show module,admin show env all,show controllers,admin show
version,show diagbus,dir /all slavedisk0:,show debug,show idprom
backplane,dir /all bootflash:,dir /all sec-slot0:,dir /all
sec-disk1:,write term,show vtp status,dir /all sup-bootflash:,dir /all
slot2:,dir /all harddisk:,dir /all slot0:,dir /all sup-microcode:,show
vlan,dir /all slavebootflash:,show controllers cbus,dir /all
slaveslot1:,dir /all nvram:,show version,show vlan-switch,admin show
variables boot,show redundancy secondary,show running-config,show
c7200,dir /all slot1:
firewall.example.com: End of run not found

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