[rancid] Re: move away 'router' it is in the way

Nick Duda nduda at VistaPrint.com
Wed Feb 13 18:56:34 UTC 2008

Thanks, Mike Ashcraft emailed me as well. Sorry I didn't check the
archives. Rancid has never broke, always running strong.

Issue fixed

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someone or somehow the cvs file didnt get created.
cd group/configs
rm ip address
cvs update

if ip address reappears you're done.  else remove it ffrom router.db,
run rancid-run group, put it back in router.db.

Wed, Feb 13, 2008 at 01:34:40PM -0500, Nick Duda:
> In my logs, I see:
> cvs status: move away `ip address`; it is in the way
> What does this mean? I don't get updates from that device anymore.
> - Nick
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