[rancid] Re: .cloginrc question. How to use wild card?

Mike Ashcraft mashcraft at omniture.com
Fri Feb 15 18:43:26 UTC 2008



Put the entire hostname glob inside the curly braces.


For example:

Add user {test*[1-2]}     {admin}




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I have my devices named like this. xxx-rtr01, xxx-rtr02, xxx-rtr03 etc
all the way up to 10. routers 1 through 6 supports telnet method only
while 7 through 10 supports ssh only. Is there a clean way to define
these 2 groups in .cloginrc? I tried following and captured the error

Experiment # 1: .cloginrc section
 add user test*[1-2]     {admin} 
 add password test*[1-2] {password} 
 add method test*[1-2] telnet 
 add autoenable test*[1-2] 1

$ clogin test-rtr01 
 Error: invalid command name "1-2"

Experiment # 2: 
add user test*{*\[1-6]} {admin}
add password test*{*\[1-6]} {password}
add method test*{*\[1-6]} telnet
add autoenable test*{*\[1-6]} 1

$ clogin test-rtr01

Error: no password for test-rtr01 in /opt/rancid/.cloginrc.

Experiment # 3: 
add user test{*\[1-6]} {admin}
add password test{*\[1-6]} {password}
add method test{*\[1-6]} telnet
add autoenable test{*\[1-6]} 1

$ clogin test-rtr01

Error: no password for test-rtr01 in /opt/rancid/.cloginrc.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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