[rancid] password from TTY

Casey T. Deccio ctdecci at sandia.gov
Wed Feb 27 22:52:17 UTC 2008

I'm working on a wrapper script for clogin that takes some dependence
off the cloginrc file, particularly for cases where the script might be
run on the command line rather than automatically.  I'm wondering if
these options would be useful or have been considered for the clogin
source, so a wrapper isn't necessary.

It would be nice to have a command-line option -passwordfromtty which
prompts the user for a password from the TTY, so the user has an
alternative option to storing the password in .cloginrc or specifying it
on the command line.

The clogin script always requires that the file exist.  If the password
is received from the TTY (or if it is specified from the command line),
and the default options are sufficient, a cloginrc is not needed.


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