[rancid] HP Procurve (hlogin): interaction in configure mode: possible?

Emmanuel Halbwachs Emmanuel.Halbwachs at obspm.fr
Mon Jan 7 18:25:49 UTC 2008

Hi Everybody,

I'm a newbie on this list.

I'm happily using rancid (2.3.1, the one in Debian stable etch) for
several monthes, but till now only for pushing/retrieving some info
with {c,h}login. I plan to use version control for config later.

My point:

I am trying to change some config parameters in ~50 HP Procurve with
some commands like this:

  $ hlogin -v foo -e bar -c "conf t; foobar; wr mem" $switch

The output then hangs after the "conf t" command:

  switch> enable
  switch# no page
  switch#  conf t

  -> hang :-(

When using hlogin without entering in configure mode, everything works
just fine.

I tried to massage the -c command with "\n" without any results. 

I understand that dealing with the HP CLI seems to be a PIA (thus
hpuifilter), but is there a way to enter some commands in configure

TIA for any hint,

Emmanuel Halbwachs
Resp. Réseau/Sécurité                    Observatoire de Paris-Meudon
tel      : (+33)1 45 07 75 54                   5 Place Jules Janssen
fax      : (+33)1 45 07 76 13                    F 92195 MEUDON CEDEX

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