[rancid] Re: Eliminating two lines from foundry output

Mike Ashcraft mashcraft at omniture.com
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This is a fairly simple modification to francid.

I don't have a Foundry handy to figure this out but the following steps
should get you there quickly.

open francid with an editor and find the line that starts with
After this are the commands run on the switch followed by the name of
the subroutine that processes the output.

Find the name of the subroutine that processes the output you want to
eliminate and modify that subroutine to skip the desired line.

If my guesses are right, you will find the following line which
eliminates TEMPERATURE output but doesn't match on this specific switch:


You can add 'temperature' to this line like:

	       if (/(POWERS|TEMPERATURE READINGS|temperature)/) {

Or otherwise modify the subroutine to skip this output.

Good luck,



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I am a happy user of rancid for my Foundry switches (except the EdgeIron

line, which needs support, but I haven't worked on that yet), but have 
become annoyed in the past weeks because I get an email nearly every 
time rancid checks one switch.  It is because it displays the temp.  
Here is the output:

Index: configs/10.x.x.x
retrieving revision 1.1031
diff -U4 -r1.1031 10.x.x.x
@@ -22,9 +22,9 @@
  ! Fan 1 ok, speed (auto): 1<->2<->[[3]]
  ! Fan 2 ok, speed (auto): 1<->2<->[[3]]
- ! Fan controlled temperature: 35.0 deg-C
+ ! Fan controlled temperature: 35.5 deg-C
  ! Fan speed switching temperature thresholds:
  ! 		Speed 1: NM<----->30                            deg-C
  ! 		Speed 2:       25<----->40                      deg-C

My problem is that I want to eliminate the "Fan controlled temperature 
lines" so I don't get an email every 1/2 hour (as I have rancid 
configured to poll).

Any thoughts on how to do this?



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