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Lance rancid at gheek.net
Tue Jan 8 22:08:35 UTC 2008


You will want to check the versions of every script inside of "<BASE
RANCID DIR>/bin" to make sure you know all your existing versions. You
should download the latest alpha if you want the latest greatest, but
remember this is alpha, not production.

A while back I posted a script called PSV that will append all script
versions that are used when collecting your configs. You should be able
to do a search for "rancid PSV" and it should return the thread.

Here is an example of what gets added to each of your configs.

Example of what it adds to the file.

!RANCID-SCRIPT-TYPE: [rancid-fe.in (v 1.37)]
!RANCID-SCRIPT-TYPE: [rancid-run.in (v 1.32)]
!RANCID-SCRIPT-TYPE: [control_rancid.in (v 1.76)]
!RANCID-SCRIPT-TYPE: [par.in (v 1.11)]
!RANCID-SCRIPT-TYPE: [clogin.in (v 1.94)]
!RANCID-SCRIPT-TYPE: [cat5rancid.in (v 1.45)]

This is one of the posts for it.



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> What is the latest version and how can I find out which I am running? I
> need to build a new box and want to get as up to date as possible
> running on Fedora.
> Thanks
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